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The  first thing that came into my mind, after leaving Keflavik while heading to the Westfjords was : « wow. this MUST be mother earth. » I was pretty sure that this generous place was where it all began.  I had to lay down and touch this land. I was surprised because I didn’t expect the ground being that soft.

We lingered there in the middle of nowhere and I felt in love. Love for this indescribable dimensions, this overwhelming beauty and amazing landscapes.

Before leaving Luxembourg I felt little nervous : I had never camped before and I didn’t know how my children would deal with cold and rain…. but I was completely wrong. My sweeties enjoyed getting out of the van in the morning entering enchanted woods, jumping over rivers, throwing stones and looking for elves. They ate with the pirates and stood in the front of the boat to admire whales. While I realized that I am seasick.

Our road trip through Iceland took three weeks. A campervan and 2 tents. 2 familys with their children and a lady from Kanada joining us. We started at the Westfjords. The most impressive places have been the F-Road to Herdubreid, the little trekking through Landmannalaugar, the Puffin watchout on the island of Vestmannaeyjar, Jökulsárlón and lucky me : the northern lights!

August 2013