All shootings are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. I only have limited dates available per season for weddings so the sooner the better to avoid any disappointment. For lifestyle shootings it is basically the same, I shoot limited sessions per month so early-birds are more likely to get their appointments fixed. This is especially important for you future moms where time is belly. I mainly focus on weddings, but I also shoot Newborns, Babies or Big Bellies during low season. Please notice that I don’t do family, groups or event photography.

for weddings…

The most important thing for me on your wedding day is connection, personality, authenticity and love for details. I’m looking for people that value photography because I will do it my way. I will stay true. Because I am passionate about what I do. So are you with all your personality for your wedding day.

Are you getting married in a barn or barefoot under the apple tree ? You picked flowers in a field for your floral wreath ? You are someone who likes to do things differently…not the traditional way ? Hurry up to hit the contact button an please take a little moment to send along some information, details or even pictures of you or how you imagine your wedding.
( hello (at) studionine.lu ).

Your story will inspire me and I will  invest in you so that we get the best pictures that last a lifetime.


Please fill out the contact form and I will send you all the information. For weddings it is important to know that the coverage starts at the getting ready as I want to offer you a complete report of your beautiful day.


In general for lifestyle it takes up to 4 weeks. For weddings during high-season up to 6-8 weeks.  I will do my best to undercut the waiting time and if you have a special deadline please let me know.


Oh, this is quite a personal choice because you know your baby best. But let me share a few of my experiences:

Newborns until 2 weeks sleep a lot, which will allow us to move them around without waking up easily and they don’t mind being unclothed. We will get sweet shots of your cutie, mostly sleeping. Around the age of 2 month babies often feel more uncomfortable during a session because they realize the unknown situation and they may not have control of their head. I especially like to take pictures when they turn around 15 weeks (3-4month). They are less sleepy and already able to have the cutest expressions.

Then again when kids are between 6-8 months, right when baby is able to sit-up unassisted (it’s ok to be a little wobbly) but not yet crawling is a great age for pictures.

There is no fixed rule but dear parents please notice: shootings with your babies will happen as they want them to happen, not as we want them to happen. No need to feel nervous if your beloved one is hungry or is crying. They will immediately feel insecure when you want them to “be there” or “smile”. We will take 1 or 2 hours for a relaxed session and shootings will be best when there are not too much persons or distractions.


Come as you are! I want you to feel comfortable during our shooting and the pictures have to reflect your personality. So wear your most loved dress with dots and parrots or your 10 year old student shirt! Nevertheless there are a few important things to respect (especially for top clothes like shirts or sweaters): Do not wear screaming colors because they reflect back into your face, you don’t want to have a  orange or pink line under your chin. I also recommend you to not wear black, because black is … black. Generally for outside shootings every color is good except the ones I mentioned above. For inside shootings I want my pictures to be bright, so light colors are perfect.

Ladies, you often ask what to do with makeup and hair ?!

The most important rule is: have fun! Wear your  “cherry madness” lipstick and put some flowers in your hair if that is you!