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I put all my heart in what I do and over the years I have gained some precious experiences, so please respect:

I only accept small weddings, with not too many guests because I believe that real human connection is so important on your wedding day.

I offer a maximum of 4/5 hours photographic documentary, beginning at the getting ready because I believe in quality over quantity.

I only work in intimate venues (and of course outdoors), because I believe in cozy atmosphere.

I accept bookings only a few month in advance (no bookings 1 or 1 1/2 years in advance) , because I believe in a precious and wild life.




Feel free to contact me in: Lëtzebuergesch, Français, Deutsch, English…oh and please verify your email address, otherwise I am not able to reply.

Dear couples, lovebirds, friends and photography lovers:
Please note that I like to know you and want to take care of you and your pictures. I  want to give  your shooting session my whole attention as I do for my family and myself.  This means to me being aware. So please do not feel insecure if I don’t answer within a few hours to your email. Your message is important to me! I try to reply your message in a timely manner but I also try to reduce multitasking because time is precious! Thank your for your patient spirit!

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Jeanine Unsen Photography
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